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Frequently Asked Questions, CBD FAQ’s


Ways to Use

  •  Sublingually 

For maximum results, 

place a half to whole dropperful under toungue, let sit for 30 sec. and swallow.  Best if taken with food. Effects can usually be felt within 30min. and last 5-6hrs.

(Shake well before each use.)

  • Topically (Apply to skin.)

  • Vaporize

  • Add into your favorite food or drink.


Passing a Drug Test?

The answer is YES, you will pass a drug test.  Drug screens test for THC (the psychoactive compund found within MARIJUANA.)  Our CBD Oil is extracted solely from HEMP PLANTS (containing less than 0.3%THC) which not only complies with the legal limit, but also makes it physically impossible to show up on a drug test.  This is 100% Guaranteed, tested and proven. 


Do I Need A Medical Card ?

The answer is No, You Do Not need 

a medical card.  Our CBD Oil is extracted from Hemp, making it 100% legal nationwide.

No medical card is needed to purchase hemp-derived CBD Oil. Wellness Soulutions CBD FAQ’s. CBD Questions answered.